Poisoned Dreams and Obscure Memories of Sorrow

by peisithanatos

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Raw Black Metal, (considered DSBM.) Created with true and purist despair and hatred. During a bitter time period and frustrating frame of mind ....P.S. i put this full-length out on Bandcamp, to see how it goes, and since i am not really selling my cd/patch, I figured those that are around the world, can get it this way, IF they comprehend the seriousness and dedication i put into this album...also if it all works out i plan to post my raw demos simply as my history, expression of the true secret self as well, my philosophies of despair, hatred and demented thoughts.....
a "black metal" fan since 1989 aged 10, i will never be jaded with black metal and the sub genres of it. plenty still i discover! support for this dark art i bled creating and with hesitation share with you in this age of free music parasites of technology, age of modernity! if you are into the rawest of the underground i hope you have the wisdom and clarity too read between this musical/lyrical/vocal unique journey as i weave you through the gloomy doomish fever haunt i "hope" you all again support me HERE!... ...R.I.P. Charles Manson, a poet, a mad genius philosopher!, sincere vocal/lyricist A MAN an ARTIST! ...



released April 15, 2013

thanks to the very, very microscopic few that bought the patch/cd (limited to 100 copies,) though i still have many left.
i did NOT promote myself/this full-length at all well (thanks to my damned bipolar/antisocial disorder(s)!l, nor did, nor do i still SEMI-care too.

to the true underground understanding the anguish i mentally and physically put my "heart and soul" into. (thanks to those if now and if in the future (before i leave this mortal coil) that support this cd (and ugly raw demos!) here or contact me/band if so desired (on Facebook) to buy the limited cd with round logo patch if i still have them...
if not this is why i put this up on bandcamp for those far outside usa to have IF YOU HAVEN'T downloaded it free, which seems the way of modern so called movie/music "lovers" which this method does not support the damaged work i bled and rotted away slowly for, i think it warrants support to those elite few lost in the plague ridden mainstream trying to make you forget what once was! YOUR SUPPORT MEANS AS WOUNDS INTO SCARS AS WORDS OF GREAT THANKS ONCE AGAIN I SAY, THOUGH I HAVE YET TO SEE...I'LL SOON SEE FOR SURE (thus ends my insomniac's rant, yet again!) www.metal-archives.com/bands/Peisithanatos/3540347059
HAIL and KILL! ~Peisithanatos


all rights reserved



PEISITHANATOS San Antonio, Texas

dying, death, decay, negativity, anti-life...
sounds like a cerebral cortex vortex of hatred and depression
.crafted from void within a room of four walls.

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Track Name: Aokigahara Forest
Forest of stale wind deep in the roots
Fallen leaves rot amongst long lost bones
Hanged flesh now dirt for the worms morsel for the flies
Echoes of wandering souls without graves
Haunting through the forest of suicide
Wade through the sea of blood nourished trees
Wade through the sea of tear stained trees
Here for so long now out of grief, despair, anguish and hate for one’s life
They have come here with the wish to die and decay away from cruel society
They hope for peace from suffering and misery and into eternal sleep but
The shadows of their former flesh will not let them dream in fields of happiness
Selfish rotted fruits are their corpses and the rot falls off in pieces of maggot fed flesh
Dropping like seeds onto the ground of the black sea tree roots to grow this decrepit forest of pain
Track Name: Ouroboros
Circle of self-devouring
Of non existence
Forming the world from chaos
Yet nothing from this can be created
Only death
The symbol of destruction
Blood from the fall of stars
Into an illuminated sphere
Brings forth the dream of emptiness
Into awareness
From darkness
A light that does not cleanse
A void opening as a wound
From the dying cosmos
From the decaying cosmos
Memories and flesh birth into longing and grief
Gods carved from mind configurations of madness
Time holds no key to the meaning of what is
And of what was
We in the same breath will wisp away
From all things man made
The eternal return, to what was not
To what is not, to what cannot be
For it never was
All was conceived from oblivion
Before what was to be perceived
And after that which was believed
We in ourselves return to emptiness
Where once creation spread from destructive forge
Now back to those cosmos forced to become an echo
The circle of self-devouring
Flowing fragments of existence
Now Non
As such a thing was always meant to be
Track Name: Void of Light/Annihilation Absolute
Life withers away with one last breath
Dying memories now forgotten
Death echoes its scent in the wind
Decay embraces its return to nature
Darkness falls over these eyelids
A cold journey through the veil
And still there is darkness for this soul
Beneath the flickering of stars
There is no path to the gate of this hidden kingdom
Only the obscurant of fog
Night, endless bitter night
And the longing for a distant light that moves out of reach
With every step forward
Eradicating the conscience thought
To abort all mortal bodies of polluted life’s breath
Travels through the mind configuration
A design of bloated worms and maggot like texture
Dissecting the dreaming brain to carve out the nightmare
In the mind asylum of no return we are butchered pigs
Blood filled skull of drowning memories
Obliterate the screams of suffering with cruel instruments of slow pain
Inside is where the disease incubates and mutates devouring the cure
Wound upon wound upon the scarred psyche we cannot leave this world alive now
We must tolerate the grief process and weavings of suicidal and homicidal thought
If we wait with such faith and hope the grace of genocide will come to us in time
In time absolute annihilation
From the book of life and into the unwritten book of death and void!
Track Name: Death-Persuader
The weak body and mind
Cannot avoid pain and sorrow
One can never experience true happiness
It is a numb bitter pleasure of ignorance
Leap into the fires of life and cast out all hope of being quenched
The desire for death comes from one who has seen, tasted and touched
The misery of what existence has had to offer
And once there is nothing left to desire
Emptiness, the void of light
Will embrace one’s unfounded beliefs
Life is a slavery of chains and linked like web’s through broken dreams
A burden to bury the unobtainable is a wisdom found in wounds of freedom
Pure cold silence of earth beneath indulged through the great practice of suicide
Blood flows across time and stops
To force one’s self to live through struggle and to fight death is a fear
To grant one’s self through death to find peace is a brave mastery
There is no weak heart in the willing dead body
There is weakness in the will to live on through torment and torture
We are aimless in our being nothing will ever be known of the unknown
Sweep yourself away in the echo of wind
Such as does those leaves which break away from each tree branch
Such as does each feather from the bird’s wing
Flee from the diseased breath of belonging
You will never find the key to the gate which leads to the locked door
Of the cure to all illness
We are fragments of afterbirth
We have created such indifference upon one another
That only self destruction can cleanse us of malignant being
Do not dissect the meaning of moments and memories they guide us in a circle
There is only one way out, one way to escape the chaos
And this way is waiting for you!
Track Name: Poisoned Dreams and Obscure Memories of Sorrow II
This sewn flesh of despair and hatred
I return these scars to wounds
Pain so numb and cold, I become
A vessel of sorrow
Tomorrow brings death
This manifestation
Of a tortured spirit
In self-torment
I see beyond, beneath
And doorways once unknown
Locked and chained with rust
I see the pathway into starless oblivion
And I follow the scent of death
And longing
Into the sphere of obscure worship
Foul sky above dead
Bird feather singe and fall
Burnt leaves below, like human flesh
Tears like bleeding rain
Soaked in earthly genocide
Mourning this emptiness of a poisoned summer
Rotting world of rotting bodies
Deathlike silence whispering in stale wind
As diseased graves fill with all humankind
Time echoes over ruins as ashes drown the last flicker of light
Darkness sinks into the oceans depths
A taste from the elixir of rancid dreams and broken memories
Ends our suffering pathetic existence, finally!

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